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  sodium silicate uses in this video, we show the amazing uses of sodium silicate water glass in industrial to our daily life. Sodium silicate is a generic name for chemical compounds with the formula na 2x si y o 2yx or (na 2 o) x (sio 2) y, such as sodium metasilicate na 2 sio 3, sodium orthosilicate na 4 sio 4, and sodium pyrosilicate na 6 si 2 o 7. These compounds are generally colorless transparent solids or white powders, and soluble in water in various amounts.   sample preparation using the solgel method the nr latex (24 wt dry rubber, 5 wt nh 3) was mixed with sodium silicate (na 2 sio 3 9. 4 wt nao 2, 29 wt sio 2) and deionized water in a ratio of the dry rubbersio 2 (from na 2 sio 3)water12120. The mixture ph was immediately lowered to ph 6 by adding 1 m hcl.   natural rubber (nr) based nanocomposites with 10 wt natural and synthetic layered silicates were produced via the latex compounding method. As layered silicates, sodium bentonite (natural) and sodium fluorohectorite (synthetic) were selected in addition to a non-layered inert filler (english india clay or commercial clay) as reference material. A method for forming a relatively thick semi-impervious crust on soil to inhibit erosion thereof comprising the steps of applying an aqueous composition to soil surface and allowing the composition to cure in the treated soil surface. The aqueous composition contains an aqueous 100 acrylic latex emulsion and sodium silicate.   sodium silicate uses in this video, we show the amazing uses of sodium silicate water glass in industrial to our daily life.   sodium silicate production we saw as the logical next step for us to treat basically a commodity portion of evoniks process as a utility, as a service were providing for them, he said. Liquid sodium silicate isnt a high margin product compared to precipitated silica, making it more straightforward to look at it as a commodity. Preparation of in situ silica filled natural rubber by sol-gel reaction of sodium silicate in natural rubber latex april 17. 2018 - a new aproach for preparing silica filled nr was investigated. Solid precipitated from sodium silicate solution composed of silica as a major component (75-85). When activated with sodium silicate solutions, aam and aas binders usually display smaller pore size distribution and lower porosities than aafa binders and cement binders. These pore structure features endow aam and aas binders with lower permeability, lower capillary water absorption and lower chloride diffusion coefficientrate than aafa binders and portland cement binders. Abstract a sodium silicate polymerization method was used to incorporate sodium silicate andor other water soluble inorganic fire retardants into an insoluble matrix. By using a vacuumpressure technique, a water soluble sodium silicateborate mixture was forced into the interior of various cellulosic materials, then was heat polymerized into an insoluble fire retardant matrix.

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