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  but, sometimes peeing too much can happen when youre medically advised to take diuretics regularly. These medications that are used to treat high blood pressure or fluid buildup work in the kidney and flush excess fluid from the body, causing frequent urination, says dr. Nandi, so its important to speak to your doctor to explain your concerns and symptoms.   drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot, (not just marking) is one of the signs of diabetes. With insulin shots and testing, she did very well for another 4 years.   if youre peeing more than 7 times a day, something might be wrong, says benjamin brucker, m. Say you pee a lot, but your urine dribbles out especially slow. More than that including peeing a lot at night (more than once) and you may have frequent urination. While theyre often mentioned together, frequent urination isnt the same as incontinence, which is involuntary urination that can result in leakage. So, if youre going a lot, you should first take a look at how much water youre taking in, tanaka dune, m. , a urologist at newyork-presbyterian and weill cornell medicine, tells self. You may be taking your puppy out too much if they are peeing a lot. It may seem logical at first to take them out right after they wake up, drink water, have lots of playtime, or come out of a crate, but that isnt the case. Taking your pup out at the same time everyday, the same way, creates a routine. A dog peeing a lot might signal overheating or increased thirst. If a dog spends more time outside during the warmer months of the year, hell need more water.   peeing a lot before bed is a common condition, particularly in the over-60s. You can minimize night-time urination through lifestyle changes, and see a doctor when necessary. Urine production decreases at night-time allowing a good 6-8 hours worth of sleep without interruption. Have you been very tired and lost weight as well? To find out if its that, go the the pharmacy and ask for a glucose test. If you have undiagnosed diabetes, your sugar level will be top high. Its also worth noting that other symptoms, such as blood in the urine, commonly present with bladder cancer, so if youre just peeing a lot and not experiencing any other symptoms, its probably.

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