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Platypus sex involves venomous battles, tail biting and courtship dances. The platypus isnt just weird for being duck-billed, venomous and a mammal that lays eggsit has weird genetics too. Most mammals have two sex chromosomes, but the platypus has ten! Why? How do they work? And do these extra sex chromosomes make the platypus extra sexy? Watch to find out! Special thanks to professor jenny graves for helping us create this video. First, though, an overview that is quick of chromosomes in people. Our dna is organised within 23 pairs among these small things that are wiggly looking chromosomes. One set comprises our intercourse chromosomes, which determine the intercourse we are born as. The weird and wonderful duck-billed platypus just got even more weird and more wonderful. The platypus has a chain of weird sex chromosomes that links this unusual egg-laying mammal to birds, australian research has found. Platypus sex the gene that most likely determines the sex of the platypus and echidna has been identified by australian and swiss researchers.   everyone knows that the duck-billed platypus is pretty strange. But it seems this mammals eccentricities extend beyond its famous bill, and habit of laying eggs, to the way its genes determine sex. A team of scientists from australia and the united kingdom has finally elucidated the strange sex chromosome system of the duck-billed platypus. The first study, the findings of which are published this week in pnas, demonstrates that the platypus has 10 sex chromosomes, rather than the single pair usually found in mammals. Results of a second study, appearing this week in nature, detail the. Though the platypus lacks the mammalian sex-determining gene sry, a study found that the mechanism of sex determination is the amh gene on the oldest y chromosome. 75 76 a draft version of the platypus genome sequence was published in nature on , revealing both reptilian and mammalian elements, as well as two genes found previously only in birds, amphibians, and fish.

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